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US-Kurdistan Business Council Names General James Jones as CEO

TUE, 17 APR 2012 16:20 | The Sacramento Bee

Washington DC, USA - The US-Kurdistan Business Council (USKBC), a trade group of US companies investing in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, named former US National Security Advisor General James Jones (USMC-Ret) as the council's CEO last week during a reception honoring President of the Kurdistan Region Masoud Barzani.

"General Jones is exceptionally knowledgeable about Kurdistan and about the history and importance of US engagement with the region. His long experience will be an asset to the US business community interested in Kurdistan and its important investment opportunities," Alex Cranberg, chairman of Aspect Holdings, an energy exploration and production company and founding member of the USKBC, said.

The USKBC announced the selection of General Jones at its reception honoring President Barzani, who was in Washington at the invitation of the White House. During his visit, President Barzani met with President Barack Obama, Vice President Joseph Biden and other top Administration officials. The USKBC met privately with President Barzani as well. He also addressed the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

"As the special relationship between the US government and the Kurdistan Regional Government matures, the USKBC will strengthen that relationship as a commercial and policy platform working with both governments," Ayal Frank, an advisor to the USKBC, said.

About the United States-Kurdistan Business Council The USKBC is dedicated to facilitating trade and commerce for US companies in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and to strengthening ties between the private sector in the US and Kurdistan Region. With one of the most liberal investment laws in the Middle East and significant needs in almost every industry sector, the Kurdistan Region presents untapped business opportunities for US companies. The council also works closely with the Kurdistan Regional Government and private businesses in the Kurdistan Region to ensure that foreign investment reinforces the already enormous economic opportunities there. For more information on business opportunities in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, please visit USKBC.org.