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Announcement: MOSY publishes Sports Roadmap in English

THU, 3 SEP 2009 13:11 | KRG Cabinet

Erbil, Kurdistan – Iraq (KRG.org) – The Ministry of Sports and Youth (MOSY) has today published its Sports Roadmap in English, which sets out the Kurdistan Regional Government’s policies for promoting and developing sport in the Region.

The Sports Roadmap, which was officially adopted by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in January 2009, was devised after several consultations and conferences.

Mr Taha Barwary, Minister of Sports and Youth, said, “We consulted many stakeholders and several international experts before completing the sports roadmap. We wanted to ensure that they shared their views. I’m glad to say that after the roadmap was officially adopted, all relevant ministries involved in sport received directives on it.” He added, “Now we are working on establishing a strong and lasting Kurdistan sports confederation to govern and organise sport.”

As set out in the roadmap, some of MOSY’s main goals are to:

- create a new confederation that will develop and govern sport,

- ensure that sport is accessible to all, including women, girls and the disabled,

- ensure more coordination between different bodies and create sports associations,

- develop skills and capacities at all levels, from sports decision-makers and administrators to local coaches and clubs.

- build more facilities and better sports infrustructure. MOSY is working on sport facilites worth 53 billion Iraqi dinars, or about 50 million US dollars.

View or download the Sport Roadmap as a PDF file