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Bayiz Talabani (Bayiz Saeed Mohammad) - Minister for Finance and the Economy

TUE, 10 NOV 2009 10:35 | KRG Cabinet

Mr Bayiz Talabani was appointed as Minister for Finance and the Economy in May 2006, and was reappointed in the six cabinet on 28 October 2009 following the July 2009 Kurdistan Region parliamentary elections, and in the seventh cabinet in April 2012.

Born in Kirkuk in 1944, Mr Talabani is a senior member of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK). He has participated in 12 finance training courses nationally and abroad. He has served in the PUK's Financial Bureau and co-founded the Financial Oversight Directorate, which he has headed for six years.

In 2002 Mr Talabani was appointed Minister for Finance and the Economy in the KRG's Suleimaniah Administration, and then appointed to the same position in the unified KRG cabinet in 2006.