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Members of the fifth cabinet, May 2006 to October 2009

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Ministers who served in the Kurdistan Regional Government fifth cabinet, in office from 7 May 2006 to 27 October 2009. This was the first unified cabinet to be formed following the January 2006 Unification Agreement that merged the Erbil/Dohuk and Suleimaniah administrations of the KRG.

Nechirvan Idris Barzani
Prime Minister
Imad Ahmad Sayfour
Deputy Prime Minister [1]
Abdul Karim Sultan Sinjari
Minister for the Interior
Sarkis Aghajan
Minister for Finance & the Economy
Bayiz Saeed Mohammad (Bayiz Talabani)
Minister of the Region for Finance & the Economy; Acting Minister
Farouq Jamil Sadiq
Minister for Justice
Jafar Mustafa Ali
Minister for Peshmerga Affairs
Burhan Saeed Sofi
Minister for Transport
Dilshad Abdul Rahman Mohammad
Minister for Education
Abdul Rahman Osman Yones
Minister for Health
Adnan Mohammad Qadir Minister for Labour and Social Affairs
Mohammad Ahmad Saeed Shakaly
Minister for Religious Affairs
Tahsin Qadir Ali
Minister for Water Resources
Imad Ahmad Sayfour

Minister for Housing and Reconstruction
Osman Ismail Hassan (Osman Shwani)
Minister for Planning
Yousif Mohammad Aziz
Minister for Human Rights
Idris Hadi Salih Minister for Higher Education and Scientific Research
Abdul-Aziz Tayeb Ahmad Minister for Agriculture
Ms Chnar Sa’ad Minister for Martyrs and Victims of Anfal
Falakaddin Kakeyi Minister for Culture
Hoshyar Abdul Rahman Siwaily
Minister for Electricity
Dr Ashti A. Hawrami Minister for Natural Resources
Ms Nazanin Mohammad Waso
Minister for Municipalities
Taha Abdul Rahman Ali (Taha Barwary)
Minister for Sport and Youth
Dr Mohammad Ihsan
Minister for Extra-Regional Affairs
Mohammad Raouf Mohammad
Minister for Trade
Widad Khurshid Osman Minister for Industry
Dara Mohammad Amin
Minister for the Environment
Nimrud Baito
Minister for Tourism
Haydar Sheikh Ali Minister for Communication
Abubakir Ali Minister for the Region
Dr Jinan Qasim
Minister for the Region
George Yousif Mansour
Minister for the Region
Dr Dakheel Saeed Khudhur
Minister for the Region
Mohammad Haji Mahmoud
Minister for the Region
Mahmoud Eido
Minister for the Region
Madhat Mandalawy
Minister for the Region
Sa’ad Khalid Mohammad Amin
Minister for the Region
Nouri Othman
President, Divan of the Council of Ministers
Mohammad Qaradaghi
Secretary of the Cabinet
Sarbaz Hawrami
Prime Minister's Chief of Staff
Herish Muharam
Chairman of the Investment Board
Falah Mustafa Bakir
Head of the Department of Foreign Relations
[1] Mr Omer Fattah Hussain was Deputy Prime Minister of the fifth cabinet of the Kurdistan Regional Government until he submitted his resignation on 23/02/2009

The members of the previous and fourth cabinet, which was in office from 1999 to early 2006.

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