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Press Release: KRG Nordic hosted Sweden's first Kurdish Gala

FRI, 27 JAN 2006 14:34 | KRG Cabinet

Darin Kurd of the Year in Sweden 2005 and his mother Ashti Zanyar
The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Nordic Representative hosted Sweden’s very first Kurdish Gala evening in Stockholm on Wednesday. The KRG Nordic paid tribute to Sweden’s many successful Kurds and Kurdistan’s many friends in Sweden. The Gala was attended by numerous Swedish and Kurdish celebrities.

In his speech to the guests at the Gala, the KRG Nordic’s representative Taha Barwary celebrated the successful achievements of the Kurds in Sweden and in Kurdistan and he expressed his gratitude to Kurdistan’s friends in Sweden.

“Tonight,” Taha Barwary said, “we celebrate and honour Kurdistan in Sweden, and Sweden in Kurdistan.”

An independent jury awarded famous Swedish actor Gösta Ekman with an honorary award, with the motivation “By virtue of being a well known and beloved public figure he shed light on a matter which was cast in total darkness until the 1990s, and for giving the Kurdish people his support when they needed it the most.” Gösta Ekman’s award was presented by KRG Nordic’s representative Taha Barwary.

The award for ‘Kurd of the year’ 2005 was given to Kurdish pop-idol Darin Zanyar who has taken Sweden by storm. Darin’s award was presented by Swedish Minister for Public Health and Social Services Morgan Johansson. The jury motivated their award with: “For introducing the Kurds on a new arena and for inspiring through his success a whole new generation to be charmed by their origins. He carries his Kurdish inheritance with authenticity and simplicity and directs the interest of his audience towards his two native countries, Kurdistan and Sweden.”

The ‘Friend of the Kurds’ award was given to Fredrik Malm, president of the Liberal Youth of Sweden for his relentless work during the year 2005 to raise awareness about the situation of the Kurds. Fredrik Malm’s award was presented by Shermin Bozarsalan, president of the Kurdish Federation in Sweden. He was commemorated “For his highly personal and at the same time public dedication to the Kurdish question. Because his heart beats in harmony with the Kurds’ and because he promotes the Kurdish people’s rights in diverse arenas with striking empathy and understanding.”

The evening was also filled with song and laughter in a friendly and warm atmosphere. The master of ceremonies Kurdish stand-up comedian Özz Nujen provided a great deal of the entertainment during the evening. Together with stand-up comedian Måns Möller, Kurdish actress Nisti Stêrk, Kurdish pop-idol Darin, Kurdish singer Ala and Kurdish musician Khoshnaw they placed their unforgettable mark on the Gala which will become a yearly tradition.