Kurdistan Regional Government
SUN, 27 MAY 2018 00:33 Erbil, GMT +3

Religious freedom and tolerance

SUN, 27 JUN 2010 18:19 | KRG Cabinet

The majority of people in the Kurdistan Region are Sunni Muslims, mainly of the Shafi’i school. Some Muslims in the Region follow Sufi orders.

There are also a large number of Christians of different churches, such as Syrian Catholic, Syrian Orthodox, Assyrian Church of the East, Armenian, and Catholic Chaldean.

A religion that is practiced only in Kurdistan is Yazidism, which has tens of thousands of adherents.

The Kurdistan Regional Government protects people’s freedom to practice their religion and promotes inter-faith tolerance.

For further reading about religion in Kurdistan, see the book Kurdistan Land of God, bilingual in English and German, by Francois-Xavier Lovat.