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Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani's Newroz Message

TUE, 20 MAR 2018 18:18 | KRG Cabinet

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq (cabinet.gov.krd) - Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani congratulated the people of Kurdistan and all the people who celebrate Newroz, in a televised message.

Prime Minister Barzani reassured the nation that Kurdistan is heading towards a brighter future.

Bellow is the transcript of Prime Minister’s message:

I extend my best wishes to my fellow citizens of Kurdistan and to all Kurds around the  world. Happy Newroz and Kurdish New Year.

The fire of Newroz has historically been a sign of freedom, which has been a life-long goal for our ancestors. Therefore, on the eve of Newroz, its blazing fire is a symbol of rising up again after a fall, renewal of will and allegiance and continuation of the struggle, a struggle in  which many young lives have been sacrificed and tears shed for. We, as  generations who have followed them, have inherited only one option, to continue the struggle until we succeed.

Newroz has always strengthened the spirit of revival, resilience and resuming struggle, even after toughest setbacks. Newroz is the renewal of strength and the will of triumph for Kurds and the nation, as our ancestors has always experienced. If they sometimes faced defeat, it was with Newroz spirit and commitment to success that they once again resumed the struggle.

Today more than ever, I  am confident that Kurdistan is  suffering the pain of a new birth and that the peaceful Kurdish movement and authority of Kurdistan have reached a new height that cannot be exterminated, as it is the result of the sacrifices of the Peshmerga and the resilience of the people of Kurdistan.

Dear citizens,

Kurdistan is not on the verge of a disaster as some believe. Rather, we can make Kurdistan reach a brighter future with unity and constructive internal  dialogue.

The Kurdistan Region, due to the fight against ISIS, internal  political stalemate, political tensions with Baghdad, and the global  economic crisis, faces many hardships, the most serious issue among  them was the budget cut of the Kurdistan Region by Baghdad in the  beginning of 2014.

Certainly, the biggest challenge was the economic crisis, but I would  like to assure you that the economic situation will recover, with the help and resilience of all of you. I feel your pain and understand your grievances and hardship during this economic challenge. This shall pass.

On this day, on Newroz, our hearts go out to the heroes who sacrificed their lives in defense of Kurdistan. We salute them and salute their families. They will always be with us and in our memories.

I extend my warmest wishes to our Yezidi  sisters and brothers who made the biggest sacrifice and endured much  pain in the fight against ISIS. Shingal, along with Halabja, have become the symbol of sacrifice of our nation.  It is true that the wounds and grievances of Shingal were very deep, but these wounds are definitely the turning  point towards a bright future for Yezidis and the entire nation of Kurdistan.

A warm greeting and happy Newroz to the displaced people from Kirkuk, Shingal,  Makhmour, Khanaqin and other residents of the disputed areas. Best wishes to  all Kurdish Kakays, Failis and Shabaks. Today their patriotism is stronger than ever during Newroz. Best wishes to all Kurdish refugees living in the Kurdistan  Region. I hope they will be able to honorably return to their homes in a very near future.

Greetings to the Turkmens and Christians of Kurdistan. Their co-existence, resilience and contribution to the defense of  Kurdistan is much appreciated. Greetings to our Arab sisters and brothers living  in the Kurdistan Region. On this day, we are telling all religious  and ethnic groups, that we are dedicated to protect the equality and peaceful co-existence in the Kurdistan Region, as we have always been.

I salute the brave Peshmergas of Kurdistan who risk their lives to defend the sacred land of Kurdistan. Salutes to the  police, Asayesh, traffic police, and all the interior forces and  security agencies of Kurdistan, who are very successfully protecting the security and stability of Kurdistan.

I also take this opportunity to send my greetings to our sisters and brothers across Iraq. I tell them that, regardless of the political situation of the country, or relations between the governments, we will always remain as one family. Iraq enjoys rich natural and human assets. By  resolving the political issues and by improving the conditions  of the country and administration, Iraq will move towards a brighter future, which will meet the expectations of the Iraqis.

I send greetings to all the neighboring nations of Kurdistan. On this occasion, I repeat that Kurdistan's peaceful aspiration in Iraq has never been, nor will ever be, a  threat to any country. On the contrary, the success of Kurdistan in Iraq will bring them peace and prosperity. We are spreading the message  of peace to all nations of the region, and we reassure them that we are a factor of stability in the region.

In the end, I extend my best wishes to all nations who celebrate Newroz.  I extend my appreciation to all the countries and figures who respect the will and peaceful aspirations of the people of Kurdistan. My best wishes go out to all the consulates and organizations that have been supportive of the government and people of Kurdistan.

Again, happy Newroz and Kurdish New Year to all. I call on citizens to keep the environment  clean and protect the nature of Kurdistan during their picnics,  and also abide by traffic rules and regulations for their security and those around them. I wish  you a happy and safe holiday.