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Pope Benedict commends President Barzani for promoting religious tolerance

THU, 24 FEB 2011 16:43 | Kurdistan Presidency

Rome, Italy (KRP.org) – On the second day of his visit to Rome, President Masoud Barzani met Pope Benedict XVI in the Vatican City to discuss the situation of the Christians in Iraq and in the Kurdistan Region.

In their meeting, the President briefed the Pope about the challenges facing Christians and reaffirmed the Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) full support for Christians and other communities facing violence in Iraq. He submitted a document with facts and information about Christians who have always lived in Kurdistan as well as the displaced Christians who have moved to Kurdistan for safety and protection.

Pope Benedict expressed his gratitude to the President and the KRG for their support for the Christian community in Iraq, and commended his leadership in promoting peaceful coexistence and religious tolerance in Iraq.

Since 2003, more than 10,000 Christian families have fled violence and targeted attacks in other parts of Iraq and have settled in the Kurdistan Region.

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This award has special significance to me. While it is a great honour for me to accept it here today, I consider this first and foremost an award that belongs to my people - to those who struggled and sacrificed so long for freedom. Ours was a struggle for basic human dignity, for the rights of everyone to live in peace and security, to choose their leaders and hold those leaders accountable for both their successes and failures, to live in a state of equality and fraternity with their fellow man.

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Rome, Italy (KRG.org) – “This award is a tribute to every Kurd, Arab, Turkman, Assyrian, Chaldean, Armenian, every Muslim and Christian and Yezidi. It is only through our shared commitment to one another, thorough our efforts to work together to uphold the values of tolerance and peaceful co-existence, that I am able to join you here today.”