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Deputy Prime Minister Talabani calls for reinvigoration of agreement between Kurdistan Region and Turkey

THU, 28 APR 2016 15:22 | KRG Cabinet

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq (cabinet.gov.krd) – Kurdistan Regional Government Deputy Prime Minister, Qubad Talabani, yesterday received Turkish Minister of Development Cevdat Yilmaz, Turkey's Ambassador to Iraq Faruk Kaymakci, Turkey's Consul General to Kurdistan Region Mehmet Akif Inam, and their accompanied delegation. 

They discussed bilateral relations as well as Kurdistan Region's financial crisis and the war against the Islamic State terrorist organisation, ISIS.

Deputy Prime Minister Talabani called for reinvigorating the agreement the KRG concluded with Turkey in 2013 and setting up a mechanism to support Turkish companies that have been adversely affected by the current financial crisis. He urged working together to remove obstacles standing in the way of developing economic and trade relations.

Deputy Prime Minister Talabani informed that although Kurdistan Region is passing through a difficult situation caused by its war against ISIS and accommodating a huge number of refugees and displaced persons in the midst of a financial crisis exacerbated by a drastic decrease in oil prices and Baghdad withholding obligatory shares of the federal budget, “we are confident that we will overcome all obstacles, particularly the financial crisis by improving the use of our resources. We have started implementing reforms and austerity measures.”

Minister Yilmaz expressed his hope that the Kurdistan Regional Government and Turkey will develop further their relations to benefit from the experience of Turkey, which in 2001 suffered dramatically from a serious economic crisis. However, the reforms it implemented helped his country to overcome its difficulties.

Minister Yilmaz also expressed the readiness of his government to cooperate and coordinate with the Kurdistan Regional Government in various fields, noting that Turkey needs large quantities of energy and fuel from Kurdistan. He highlighted that Turkey and the Kurdistan Region complement each other and their geographical position helps them in this direction.

Regarding the development of the investment sector, Minister Yilmaz pointed out that in order to reduce the high number of government employees and consolidate its economy, Kurdistan Region needs to further develop its private sector.