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Kurdistan Regional Government rejects threats by Iranian senior commander

SUN, 3 JUL 2016 11:30 | KRG Cabinet

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq – (cabinet.gov.krd) - Kurdistan Regional Government rejected statements by the deputy commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Sardar Hossein Salami, in which he threatened to destroy the Kurdistan Region.

Following is the text of KRG statement:

The deputy commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Sardar Hossein Salami, yesterday during Friday sermon in Tehran, threatened to destroy the Kurdistan Region.

We strongly reject this inappropriate threat of Sardar Salami and consider it as a stance that does not correspond to the old friendly relations between the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Islamic Republic of Iran, particularly at this time when friendly talks and dialogues, stressing mutual understanding, are conducted between the two sides. Sardar Salami’s threat is incompatible with the spirit of these discussions. These threats do not serve our bilateral relations, and such language should not be used.

The Kurdistan Regional Government considers its relations with the Islamic Republic with importance and works to strengthen these relations in all domains. Therefore, these threats are inconsistent with this reality.

Within the framework of protecting relations, promoting cooperation and the application of international law and on the basis of good neighbourhood and continuous cooperation, the Kurdistan Regional Government has constantly tried to be a factor of peace and stability in the region for the interests of the peoples of Iran, the Kurdistan Region and the entire region.

It is for this reason that we never wanted and do not want that Kurdistan Region’s territory to become a source of attacks inside Iranian or any other neighbouring county’s territory.

Kurdistan Regional Government
2 July 2016