Kurdistan Regional Government
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A Statement from Iraq’s Kurdistan Regional Government

WED, 1 NOV 2017 23:55 | KRG Cabinet

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi claimed on Wednesday that Erbil withdrew from an agreement between the Iraqi Army and Kurdistan Region’s Ministry of Peshmerga Affairs.

We have not reached any agreement. The Iraqi Military delegation presented only a draft in a meeting between the Iraqi and Kurdistan Region delegations. The next day, a different version of the draft was presented by the military delegation; yet we replied to both versions.

We have repeatedly stated that we are ready for dialogue and negotiations with the Iraqi Federal Government on the basis of the Constitution.  However, the answer from Baghdad has been negative so far.

Escalating the current situation towards violence and fighting will only bring destruction, affecting all components of the Iraqi society. 

We strive for peace and we believe our rights must be safeguarded, as it is stated in the Constitution.  To reach a comprehensive agreement, we call for constructive and genuine negotiations in order to build a secure future for all Iraqis.

We also call upon religious leaders, all Iraqi political parties, civil society organizations and all those who believe in the Constitution, stability and peace to stand against those who encourage hostilities between Arabs and Kurds and use violence and aggression in response to disagreements.

Kurdistan Regional Government
1 November 2017