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KRG Spokesperson responds to Iraqi Prime Minister al-Abadi

THU, 7 DEC 2017 11:20 | KRG Cabinet

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq (cabinet.gov.krd) – In a statement to Kurdistan Regional Government website, KRG Spokesperson Safeen Dizayee responded to the statements of Iraqi Prime Minister Mr. Haider Al-Abadi, which he made during his Tuesday, December 5th press conference.

Mr. Dizayee stated, "The Iraqi Prime Minister al-Abadi has said, on several occasions, that his government will send the Kurdistan Region civil servants’ monthly salaries, and for which he says, his government is auditing personnel lists. While the KRG has offered to send biometrically authenticated lists, the federal government has yet to request them and they have not been submitted. Therefore, we have no idea what list Prime Minister al-Abadi's government is auditing. Our people have lost confidence in his words, which appear to be only for media consumption.”

Regarding border crossings, KRG Spokesperson said that according to Article 114 of the Iraqi Constitution these are not exclusive authorities of the federal government and should be managed jointly. The KRG has repeatedly declared that it is ready to cooperate with the federal government in this regard.

On airport operations, Mr. Dizayee said the unnecessary ban on international flights is a collective punishment, harmful to citizens and visitors who serve in the Kurdistan Region, especially those who may require emergency medical evacuation, including wounded Peshmerga needing treatment outside the country. 

“Traveling through Baghdad is not as easy as Prime Minister al-Abadi portrays”, said Mr. Dizayee. "It adds an extra stop, extra cost, and extra time. Our question is why can passengers who depart from Baghdad, Najaf, and Basrah fly directly to foreign destinations while those traveling from the Kurdistan Region are being deliberately deprived? Where is the constitutional right of equal citizenship?” asked the KRG Spokesperson.

About the Kurdistan Region's internal political issues that Prime Minister al-Abadi mentioned in his press conference, Mr. Dizayee said that while there will never be enough time to list all the issues and shortcomings of Prime Minister al-Abadi’s government since its formation, this is not our issue and is not constructive to make it a subject of discussion at this stage. The Kurdistan Region is legitimized by the Iraqi Constitution. Furthermore, the Kurdistan Regional Government is legitimized by the Iraqi Kurdistan Parliament, and the people of Kurdistan Region. No additional legitimacy is needed. The current KRG cabinet will continue operating for two legislative terms, until the elections are held, and it has full authority over all of the Kurdistan Region.

The KRG Spokesperson reiterated the Kurdistan Region, as it has always did, calls for serious dialogue to resolve all issues, based on goodwill. The party that does not join in the dialogue, and continuously makes unhelpful statements through press conferences rather than finding solutions, is Prime Minister al-Abadi. This procrastination will not lead to solutions to outstanding issues, but contributes to continuing instability.