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British parliamentarians publish fourth report on Kurdistan Region

London – UK (UK.KRG.org) - A report was published today by a group of British parliamentarians following their fourth fact-finding visit to the Kurdistan Region in January.

The report, “Kurdistan, 20 years after the Uprising”, by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on the Kurdistan Region, calls for more engagement from Britain, and notes some old and new challenges facing the region.

The parliamentary group, whose members are from the two houses of parliament and from the three main political parties, says in the report: “The visible and dynamic economic, political and social progress of the Kurdistan Region in Iraq is a major success story. Its booming economy, fast growing living standards and political progress deserve far wider recognition and support, particularly from the UK.”

The parliamentary group visited Erbil, Suleimaniah, Dohuk, and Halabja, and held meetings with a very wide range of people, including the President, Speaker of Parliament and Prime Minister, women's group, members of the Christian and Turkmen communities, unionists and companies. They also visited a prison.

Both in the UK and Kurdistan, the APPG members meet a wide-range of people from the Kurdish and wider Iraqi communities to hear a broad range of views which inform their assessment and recommendations on various issues concerning Kurdistan and its people.

The APPG, within UK Parliamentary rules, has an official remit to promote friendship and understanding between the people of the Kurdistan Region in Iraq and Great Britain and to encourage the development of democratic institutions in the Kurdistan Region as part of the democratic and federal process in the wider Iraq.

This is the group’s fourth report since 2006. Over those years the group has met both opposition and governing parties, the media and NGOs, as well as high level officials.

To see the report in full, click here