Kurdistan Regional Government
TUE, 21 NOV 2017 16:45 Erbil, GMT +3

KRG Ministry of Natural Resources Production Sharing Contracts

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Prime Minister Barzani and KIU Secretary General stress Kurdistan Region's unity

TUE, 21 NOV 2017 11:37

The latest political developments in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq were discussed, including relations between Baghdad and the Kurdistan Region as well as the Prime Minister’s recent communications with world leaders.

KRG Council of Ministers discuss pressing issues

TUE, 21 NOV 2017 11:13

Regarding his communication with world leaders, Prime Minister Barzani said they expressed their support for a strong government in the Kurdistan Region and stressed their readiness to support dialogue between Erbil and Baghdad based on the Iraqi Constitution.

KRG calls on the international community to intervene in mediating the lifting of restrictive measures

MON, 20 NOV 2017 13:55

Prime Minister Barzani receives new British Ambassador

MON, 20 NOV 2017 09:18

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson calls KRG Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani

SUN, 19 NOV 2017 14:20

Prime Minister Barzani meets US Envoy Brett McGurk

FRI, 17 NOV 2017 13:18

Prime Minister Barzani receives letter from Head of EU Foreign Policy

THU, 16 NOV 2017 12:31

Prime Minister Barzani receives letter from UN Secretary General António Guterres

WED, 15 NOV 2017 21:56

KRG Statement on the Iraqi Federal Supreme Court’s Interpretation of the Article 1 of the Constitution

TUE, 14 NOV 2017 09:42

Prime Minister Barzani receives EU Ambassador to Iraq

TUE, 14 NOV 2017 09:09