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WED, 26 APR 2017 16:44 Erbil, GMT +3

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Latest Articles

Mosul IDPs in Kurdistan Region rise to 164,000

WED, 26 APR 2017 13:54

Since the start of military operations in October 2016 to liberate the City of Mosul, the number of internally displaced persons, IDPs, who have taken refuge in the Kurdistan Region has risen to 164,000 people. They are mainly located in camps in Erbil and Duhok Governorates.

Prime Minister Barzani and German Foreign Minister discuss bilateral relations

FRI, 21 APR 2017 15:56

Prime Minister Barzani stressed that holding referendum for self-determination is a natural right of the people of Kurdistan. In the meantime, he reaffirmed that the Kurdistan Region’s people and political parties do not believe in obtaining their rights through violence, but through serious dialogue.

KRG Council of Ministers Easter message to Christians

SUN, 16 APR 2017 12:22

KRG statement on the 29th anniversary of Anfal campaign

FRI, 14 APR 2017 12:09

Prime Minister Barzani discusses the situation in Kurdistan and Iraq with UK delegation

THU, 13 APR 2017 21:30

Prime Minister Barzani and Iraq’s Foreign Minister discuss regional situation

THU, 13 APR 2017 12:45

Prime Minister Barzani condemns Sunday’s terrorist attack in Egypt

MON, 10 APR 2017 11:11

Prime Minister Barzani condemns Friday's terror act in Sweden

SAT, 8 APR 2017 11:29

KRG statement on the use of chemical weapon in Syria and the US response

FRI, 7 APR 2017 22:15

Prime Minister Barzani: We stand in solidarity with the people and government of Russia

TUE, 4 APR 2017 17:54