Kurdistan Regional Government
FRI, 27 APR 2018 03:37 Erbil, GMT +3

About the Kurdistan Regional Government

Kurdistan Regional Government, Council of Ministers Building, Erbil

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) was formed in 1992 by the Kurdistan National Assembly, the first democratically elected parliament in Kurdistan (and in Iraq) following the no-fly zone designed to protect the Kurdistan Region from the violence of Iraq’s former Ba’ath regime.

The KRG developed experience and expertise throughout successive cabinets, especially after the fall of the former regime in 2003. In 2006, two separate KRG cabinets unified to form the 5th Cabinet, led by current Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani. The 5th Cabinet embarked upon a number of unprecedented projects and policies that were not possible in previous years.

These included the construction of international airports, a proactive oil and gas policy, reconstruction of the Region’s infrastructure, the promotion of relations with members of the international community, and greater funding for social and economic projects within the Region. The 6th Cabinet, led by Dr. Barham Salih, built upon the successes of the 5th Cabinet, promoting a number of important domestic issues related to housing, higher education, and government transparency. The 7th Cabinet has achieved some key strategic successes, none more important than developments in the field of oil and gas and a rapid influx of foreign investment.

Previous cabinets have overseen groundbreaking improvements in the delivery of basic services for citizens, including provision of electricity, infrastructure development, improvement in the provision of health and education, and an unprecedented growth in per capita GDP and standards of living.

Latest Articles

JCC statement on the alarming situation of Syrian refugees in the Kurdistan Region

THU, 26 APR 2018 19:54

In a statement released today, the Kurdistan Regional Government Ministry of Interior’s Joint Crisis Coordination Centre, JCC, appeals to the United Nations and international agencies to assist the KRG in helping Syrian refugees and other displaced people who reside in the Kurdistan Region. 

Prime Minister Barzani receives US delegation

WED, 25 APR 2018 22:40

Prime Minister Barzani received Lt. Gen. Paul Funk, Commanding General, Combined Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve, Mr. Joey Hood, Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassy in Iraq, and Mr. Ken Gross, US Consul General in the Kurdistan Region, accompanied by a military delegation.

KRG statement on forty-fourth anniversary of Qaladizah bombardment

TUE, 24 APR 2018 22:11

Prime Minister Barzani receives Australia's new ambassador to Iraq

TUE, 24 APR 2018 14:35

Prime Minister Barzani's statement on the construction of US mission in Erbil

MON, 23 APR 2018 18:12

Prime Minister Barzani receives German delegation

MON, 23 APR 2018 11:37

Prime Minister Barzani and UN Special Envoy discuss political situation in Iraq

WED, 18 APR 2018 21:45

Prime Minister Barzani receives U.S. Special Envoy for the Global Coalition

WED, 18 APR 2018 14:32

KRG statement on thirtieth anniversary of Anfal genocide campaign

SAT, 14 APR 2018 20:32

Prime Minister Barzani receives Belgian ambassador to Iraq

FRI, 13 APR 2018 10:21