Kurdistan Regional Government
SUN, 18 FEB 2018 10:15 Erbil, GMT +3


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Prime Minister Barzani meets a US military delegation

THU, 15 FEB 2018 17:38

Prime Minister Barzani expressed appreciation for United States continued support and military assistance to the Peshmerga forces in the war against ISIS, including the provision of equipment, weaponry, and training. He expressed hope that such assistance would continue.

Prime Minister Barzani meets French Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs

TUE, 13 FEB 2018 16:15

Prime Minister Barzani expressed his thanks to President Macron, who was the first to receive a high-ranking delegation from the Kurdistan Region after the tensions of last October, breaking the political and diplomatic siege imposed on the Kurdistan Region.

Prime Minister Barzani meets with US Ambassador to Iraq

FRI, 9 FEB 2018 21:12

Prime Minister Barzani and UN Special Envoy discuss recent talks with Baghdad

SUN, 4 FEB 2018 22:52

KRG Minister Sinjari meets with US National Security Advisor McMaster

FRI, 2 FEB 2018 17:08

Prime Minister Barzani receives a senior US State Department delegation

TUE, 30 JAN 2018 11:21

Prime Minister Barzani's remarks to Kurdish media in Davos

THU, 25 JAN 2018 23:50

KRG Leader meets officials from around the world for the second day in Davos

THU, 25 JAN 2018 20:52

Prime Minister Barzani meets with Arab and world leaders in Davos

THU, 25 JAN 2018 12:10

Council of Ministers: Barzani-Abadi meeting positive

TUE, 23 JAN 2018 13:54