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Prime Minister Barzani on Iraqi parliamentary elections

THU, 17 MAY 2018 21:33

About the concerns that six parties in the Kurdistan Region raised about the election results, Prime Minister Barzani said, “the commission must take all necessary measures to clarify the situation regarding the voting concerns of the six parties in order for the Kurdistan delegation be able to go to Baghdad with a unified voice.”

Prime Minister Barzani receives U.S. Special Envoy

TUE, 15 MAY 2018 22:10

Prime Minister Barzani stressed that Kurdistan's and Iraq’s political parties should soon begin negociations to form a new cabinet that will ensure reconstruction of the country and will have a clear vision for Iraq’s future. He said Kurdistan parties should have an influential role to secure Kurdistan Region's constitutional rights.

Prime Minister Barzani and U.S. Ambassador discuss the Iraqi elections

FRI, 11 MAY 2018 13:12

Prime Minister Barzani and President Putin discuss bilateral relations

THU, 10 MAY 2018 11:03

Prime Minister Barzani receives British ambassador to Iraq

SUN, 6 MAY 2018 14:38

Prime Minister Barzani’s speech at the conference on economic relations with Iran

FRI, 4 MAY 2018 20:52

Prime Minister Barzani and Iranian Minister of Trade discuss economic relations

FRI, 4 MAY 2018 19:30

Prime Minister Barzani receives Iraq’s Minister of Industry and Minerals

WED, 2 MAY 2018 22:30

Prime Minister Barzani receives Iran’s Ambassador to Iraq

TUE, 1 MAY 2018 22:15

Prime Minister Barzani and UK delegation discuss bilateral cooperation

SUN, 29 APR 2018 10:11