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KRG Spokesperson responds to Prime Minister Al-Abadi

THU, 4 JAN 2018 10:51

Prime Minister al-Abadi, in his press conference and in a language that does not serve to promote a positive environment, presented a range of inaccurate information about a number of issues pertaining to the Kurdistan Region.

KRG and Kurdistan Parliament discuss financial situation in Kurdistan Region

THU, 14 DEC 2017 10:09

The KRG and Parliament officials stressed on the importance of continued cooperation and coordination between the Kurdistan Government and Parliament and agreed to give priority to securing the salaries of the public sector employees, conducting reforms and auditing in the payroll systems of the Region.

Statement by KRG Council of Ministers on Prime Minister Al-Abadi’s press briefing

THU, 9 NOV 2017 12:47

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi addressed a number of issues regarding the Kurdistan Region. The KRG Council of Ministers, while preferring such issues be discussed on negotiation table and not through the media, finds it necessary to respond to Prime Minister Al-Abadi’s statements.