Kurdistan Regional Government
SAT, 15 DEC 2018 13:05 Erbil, GMT +3

Cabinet Meetings and Statements

The KRG Council of Ministers is the executive authority of the Kurdistan Region. Please find below official statements and announcements issued by the Council of Ministers and the Spokesperson of the government. Also included are press releases regarding Council of Ministers meetings and special sessions.


KRG statement on attacks on Iranian KDP headquarters

SAT, 8 SEP 2018 19:42

"We condemn this attack, while we reaffirm our disapproval of using the Kurdistan Region’s territory for attacks against neighbouring countries. This would undermine the security and stability of the Kurdistan Region. We call for restraint and respect of the laws of Kurdistan, and avoiding turning the Region into a dispute-settling ground."

The Council of Ministers discusses UNSCR 2379 and 2019 budget

WED, 8 AUG 2018 19:31

The Council of Ministers affirmed the Security Council Resolution to be an important step towards recognizing ISIS crimes as genocide. The Council of Ministers assigned the High Commission on Recognition of ISIS Crimes as Genocide to coordinate with the international team.

KRG Statement on baseless allegations of discrimination against Christian citizens

MON, 2 JUL 2018 22:55

The Kurdistan Regional Government fully refutes the allegations published in an article by the United States based Assyrian Policy Institute, that the KRG imposes discriminatory regulation on Assyrians in Ankawa. It is completely a fabrication and based on misinformation.