Kurdistan Regional Government
THU, 13 DEC 2018 05:32 Erbil, GMT +3

The Prime Minister

Message from the Prime Minister

Dear citizens and visitors,
Welcome to the Kurdistan Regional Government’s official website. The KRG is committed to informing you of the government’s activities, decisions, and key issues relating to the progress of the Kurdistan Region. I have urged all government ministries and departments to share their accomplishments and services on this website, and I hope our citizens and friends from around the world will find it useful.
Nechirvan Barzani

Programme of the Cabinet - The Prime Minister's Inaugural Speech

"Today, we are announcing the new cabinet at a critical point in time. In 2003, we needed to act with one voice and work together in order to protect and preserve the achievements and interests of the Kurdistan Region. Similarly, we need to have the same strategic posture at this difficult period..."

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Biography of the Prime Minister

Nechirvan Barzani was appointed Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government’s eighth Cabinet in June 2014...

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Prime Minister Barzani receives U.S. Secretary of Energy

TUE, 11 DEC 2018 23:03

Prime Minister Barzani thanked the U.S. Government for its efforts to bring Erbil and Baghdad closer to establish mutual understanding. He expressed willingness of the Kurdistan Region to resolve differences with Baghdad, hoping that the United States will play a role in this regard.

Prime Minister Barzani receives British Ambassador

MON, 10 DEC 2018 20:36

Prime Minister Barzani thanked the British government for its support to the Kurdistan Region. He briefed the delegation on KRG’s institutional reforms and stressed their continuation.


Prime Minister Barzani’s message on the passing of former President George H.W. Bush

SUN, 2 DEC 2018 14:22

The people of Kurdistan have always admired and respected him, as he played an important role in establishing the no-fly zone in 1991 that protected the people of Kurdistan from injustice and oppression of the Baathist regime, and helped the Kurdistan Region to progress.

Prime Minister Barzani condemns terrorist attack against Copts

SAT, 3 NOV 2018 23:17

ISIS claiming responsibility for the attack demonstrates that militarily defeating terrorism and reclaiming territory is insufficient. Continuing ISIS terrorist acts place important responsibility on the international community to further intensify efforts and increase coordination in order to defeat and erradicate terrorism.